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Why should we adopt morals?

Morals cannot be proven philosophically and are not needed for a stable society that already punishes people for doing things that are detrimental to our society. Morality only hinders us, as it makes us, as a country, (I'm in the USA) obligated to give money to poor countries and not torture terrorists who have crucial intelligence needed to ensure the national security.

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  • Apr 15 2013: Hi Rajiv,
    Do you have any opinion as to why we human beings exist on this planet?

    That being said, it seems as if you are saying that to develop and have morals is a waste of time because there are laws and we have police to enforce them.. Is that correct?

    I believe we have civic, moral and also spiritual behaviour and thus principles, and for a reason.
    • Apr 15 2013: Hello Adriaan,
      No I don't have any opinion as to why people exist on this planet. Perhaps you could consider me a philosophical agnostic in that I just don't question the presence of God but of any moral/philosophical laws. I have adopted that stance because there is no evidence regarding whether we do or do not have a reason for existing.
      • Apr 16 2013: Well, speaking from the belief system I support, it seems as if the literal text of the Bible, only tries to 'pressure' us to love God and our neighbour. It then implies that as long as we do that we'll be fine in this life become rich and have many kids :)

        In a way that is how it works. But the real result is that if we do as asked, we'll become a loving person and so by the time we die we'll be a loving person going to heaven. The quality of our (loving?) character determines our eternity.

        So the single reason why we are on this planet is so God can create a heaven from the human race. He created people so He has people (outside of Himself) He can love, be part of, and make very happy. But love and happiness can only exist in a free environment. As soon as freedom is gone so is love and this happens in any relationship.

        This was about why we are here, but when we have children they go through a process of learning which involves different levels. Right from the start a child has to learn that if I do this, I get punished. So I'll not do that again, or at least if no-one is watching. That is the level of obedience and that can be seen as the civic level. Do this or else.
        When further developing, a higher level is that of morality. If I treat people nicely, they will treat me like that also. What goes around comes around. It is easy, however, to ignore this behaviour at times. Especially if no-one is watching.
        The highest level is reached when a person, after being nice, and thoughtful, and loving, realizes this creates a great feeling and good relationships. The more one is liked for what one does, the easier it is to make that behaviour a part of our character. To love living like that. We can become a very loving person that way. At the end we don't care if people express their appreciation and thank us, because we just love doing it. We are what we love.

        This whole process and stages (days) is described in the spiritual meaning of the Creation Story.

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