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Why should we adopt morals?

Morals cannot be proven philosophically and are not needed for a stable society that already punishes people for doing things that are detrimental to our society. Morality only hinders us, as it makes us, as a country, (I'm in the USA) obligated to give money to poor countries and not torture terrorists who have crucial intelligence needed to ensure the national security.

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  • Apr 14 2013: Of course we would still have laws. Laws are a way to ensure that a society can run smoothly, they don't necessarily have to be products of morality. I can be in favor of making murder illegal because if it was made legal society would most likely crumble because gangs and assassins would be killing many people turning society into a chaotic wasteland.
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      Apr 15 2013: You are proposing a moral framework where the objective is to help society function smoothly.
      • Apr 15 2013: Yes, but not for philosophical reasons, but for selfish ones that are separate from philosophical axioms. I want society to be able to run smoothly because if it doesn't, I'm screwed. And if everyone thought like I did, the U.S. would run better because we wouldn't be obligated to care for other countries.

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