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Our TEDxKhartoum 2013 theme is ""Knowledge Into Action". We are asking how can we put together some scenes or images to visualize our theme?

What picture or scene or can represent "Knowldge Into Action"?
We're trying to visualize our theme and put this fragment together.
Our conference date is Saturday, May 11th, 2013.


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    Apr 14 2013: A picture or scene that might represent this platform could cleverly and artistically be represented by say, three in a row pictures of three major inventions that have contributed to society. I would have a rectangular backdrop with perhaps a book (the product of language and it's spread of knowledge), next a lightbulb (electricity), followed by a third clip-art type picture of a computer, another clear and certain form of knowledge into action.

    Then, surrounding each picture would be maybe 4 or 5 lines leading out to additional relational pictures that examine or describe the works in which each established knowledge has spread. For a book, we might see a baby learning to read; a travel map or informational brochure; a student studying Yoga. Electricity, the action pictures might display a well-lit home, a street lamp, etc. Finally, surrounding the image of a computer would be something showing distance relation improvement by use of technology, etc. Your team would certainly be able to put the supporting ideas into better focus as according to your event.

    Another idea is having the supporting (action) pictures surrounding these three main inventions represented in a faded tone, so as not to present too much crowded information, and to have the scene look more presentable. This is the best idea I can think of, without the use of animation, to describe the platform of knowledge put into action.

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