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Building a massive vacuum chamber, manufacture a "hose", lower and connect it to the facility in a vacuum state, create a controlled siphon

From space, manufacture a "hose", nano tech, layered and lower it to the massive vacuum chamber. The controlled release of gasses into the chamber should follow the vacuum "hose" as far as required. Like blowing up a long skinny balloon. Probably hundreds of km. Once 0 gravity is reached, the hose would be transformed to a more ridged, cheaper material.
The "hose" would have several qualities manufactured directly including various fuel lines for devices designed for stress relief, weight control, counter weather and wind devices, continual heating of the gasses to keep them in gaseous state, condensation collection, etc.
Weather is a rather minor factor in relation to the entire distance. At the same time, the low level area would take the majority of tech to control allignment and tension. It would be reletively easy to control with blimp technology, manufactured directly into the "hose" at regular distances to allow for allignment, stess relief and possible re-heating stations. Kept in a gaseous state, escaping earths gravity shouldn't be a problem when opened to the vacuum of space, no matter how long the line is, the end is still open, creating a siphon effect.
Now, have required capture and transport responsibility (pipeline?) from the emitters to the re-gassing and expulsion facility. Massive job creation. When the link is completed, the millions of tonnes being emmitted to the atmosphere are gone. Any components worth recycling can be removed through process. I don't envision a huge protest to that pipeline. This would encompass coal fired power plants to the oilsands to refineries.
There are several solutions to heating the gas (thermal, nuclear, plazma, lazers) and also to lowering of the flexable "hose".
I hope to hear 'This can't be done", as that is the best place to start adapting and improving.
The costs for creating an emmision free planet? Priceless.
I suggest freezing the whole Offshore banking scam. The drug laundry alone could pay for it.


Closing Statement from Danny Deobald

It's unfortunate this discussion closed so early. I appreciate the comments recieved. Some excellent points were brought up, and to a degree, addressed. True, I don't have the chemical composition for the materials to be manufactured but I believe the concept has merit with some co-operation and focus. I haven't heard any insurmountable hurdles from the comments and have suggestions and ideas for many problems that didn't have a chance to be asked.
The question of cost drives me up the wall. How much was spent to go to Mars to investigate if microbes existed there a million years ago? What is the budget for Russia to build a base on the moon? What the hell is the benefit to humanity there?
A friend visited China and observed that he couldn't tell that he was in the mountains because of the smog. I think it's obscene to invest in mega projects like that when our own planet is a total mess.
It is understandable how so many can fall into the conspiracy theory trap that whoever is pulling the strings does not have humanity or Earth in their best interests. Greed seems to be winning at this point. I choose to be optimistic and believe we as a species can still unite, create and heal.
I don't believe for one second the statement "Can't be done". The most basic of the physics says it can, it will just be up to us to figure out what we need to do it. Nobody ever climbed Everest after setting out for an evening stroll.
What are the chances this conversation will be stumbled upon or forwarded to one of our millionaire research scientists and interest them enough to park their Ferrari and inject some forward thinking into their department?
Haha! Not much but I dare you.

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    Apr 14 2013: If you are already building a hose into space, build a space elviator- it would be of much greater use.

    As Edward sayed currently it costs about $1,250 to send an ounce into orbit, using a space elavator would cost 40$.

    Building pipes from all of earth's air polluting plants would create more harm than good, and theconstant cost would also bemuch higher than sea level clearence. There are many simpler and cheaper solutions that can end polutions, but the poluting plants just don't want to pay, and we allow them. If you want to end the polution of air (and oceans and land) you don't need to find a grand plan to fix it, you just need to put personal responsebility on 100% of the polution caused by each plant and don't allow them by any mean to continue (NEW LAW!!! 1 FOR 1 SALE!! 1 GREM OF POLLUTION AND YOUR PLANT IS CLOSED!! HURRY UP, BEFORE IT ENDS!!!).
    You can trust the brilliant minds of the market to find the most economic way, to ensure that there plants would be allowed to contenue to work.

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