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Is STEM the educational panacea

I have no problem with the push for STEM ... I do however, if it is at the cost of Reading, writing, and comprehension.

Has the demands of the Secretary of Education of the US to concentrate solely on STEM in combination with fiscal constraints placed other "core" subjects in danger.

Where is education going? Where should it be going?


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    Apr 14 2013: this country has a much bigger problem then the debate of our educational system. Does anyone have any idea how many young adults who are truly gifted in all these disciplines haven't a prayer for a secondary education? In 2013..Far too many. it boggles my mind that a country who thirsts for these talents to compete in this world wide market have created a for profit secondary education. Yes, there are all sorts of programs to help, FASA (that's a joke but, better than nothing), Stafford loans, etc. It gets down to that thousands of more dollars that a young adult needs. In a economy that has tanked leaving people unemployed and loosing homes due to default mortgages, it has effected in a very negative way the new 21st "Scarlet Letter" the credit score. No hope for that personal loan to make up the difference. something is terribly wrong. What is the saying 'the sins of the father..."
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      Apr 15 2013: Mary Ellen, For far to long we, the USA, have allowed the fox to guard the hen house. In almost every state in the Union the State Constitution allows that higher education will be provided by the state for as near to zero cost as possible. Each states budget has education as either #1 or #2 in its budget .... literally billions of dollars and still the schools find a way to spend it all and beg for more.

      It is the system .... In Arizona we have three state schools .... ASU .. U of A ... and NAU ASU has been on a building spree for yearas as the Presidents plan is to become the largest University in the world ... a week ago all three schools said that the building will continue but they need more money because they have not been maintaining the current structures.

      The states live up to the responsibilities of educating and the school administrators take the money and do what they want. You say you are a student but not where ... is it a state school?

      Look into CT educational budget ... states contribution ... schools earnings ... operations costs ..... money dispersement .... etc .... figure the cost per student ... etc.

      Is the President worth 2 million a year ... the football coach a million plus .... basketball a million plus ... etc.

      Is it all the "sins of the father" how about the federal intervention ... the housing crash ... the banks ... the economy ... the cost of social programs ... failure of students to repay trillions in school loans ... and the beat goes on.

      The point is Mary Ellen we have to start some where ... we need to become involved. The fox is not only in charge he is building new hen houses at our expense.

      Thanks for your concerns and for answering. I wish you well. Bob.

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