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What are You looking for in Politics?

No matter who I speak with -

No matter their age or gender, no matter their race or income level, no matter their sexual preference or religion of choice -

Everyone seems disappointed with our Political Institutions. Even in the Age of Democracy, large swaths of our population feels disenfranchised from the decision-making process.

My question - What are you looking for in Politics? What do we need? What are the steps we can take to achieve a more fulfilling experience in the administering of government?

Thank you for taking the time to consider.

  • Apr 14 2013: Top two I can think of:

    1. Accountability - every employee of every organization has metrics by which they are judged periodically, why not those in the Congress?
    2. Uncertainty of Tenure - why is that members of Congress are not afraid of losing their job the moment they fail to achieve an objective?
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      Apr 17 2013: essential but, sadly, missing. good points.
  • Apr 17 2013: Politics.
    Poli - means many
    and tics - are blood-sucking parasites

    I look for nothing and I believe nothing any of them say. Ever.
    To do so is to lie to myself.
    To do so is to betray myself.
    Politicians do not and have not almost ever, solved human problems.
    They in fact create many of them because they profit off of them.
    They have no intentions of ever solving any problem that their constituency has, wants solved, needs solved, asks to be solved, demands to be solved or even commands that they solve.

    And this includes every single promise they have made to solve any problem they have ever promised to solve.

    In Amerika, close to 100% of all politicians are psychopaths.
    In Amerika, close to 100% of all politicians are Manchurian Candidates.
    In Amerika, too many of the American't people are Manchurian Citizens.
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    Apr 17 2013: democracy is the least worst system.

    i'm not looking for anything in politics because politics no longer holds anything worth looking for.
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    Apr 14 2013: some where along the line the "voice of the people" got lost. do I feel 'disenfranchised' , absolutely. I have lost respect because from where I sit, it's all ego.

    to paraphrase a song by Sting; 'I have lost faith in politicians for they all look like game show hosts to me'
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    Apr 14 2013: i want politics to simply go away
  • Apr 14 2013: I am looking for representation, rational thought, and good decision making in my behalf. I am looking for personal and professional integrity comparable to the responsibility entrusted to the representative by their constituents. I am looking for a level of accountability, professional conduct, and benefit package similar to that made by a general in the military. Similarly, I think Federal elected Representatives should be bound by the ethical and personal conduct parts of the code for military justice. They need to be held to a higher standard.

    We need a system that makes the choice to do nothing, or the wrong thing, more personally and politically painful than doing the right thing. We need a system that quantifies deals made, documents decisions, identifies actions taken, and rewards negotiated compromise. We need a system that defaults to a position that maximizes the rights and benefits of the citizens in the event nothing is done. We need a system that holds a balanced budget unless the risk to citizens demands debt be incurred. We need a system capable of holding those that choose to take advantage of the system, as corporations or individuals, accountable in a manner that is so distasteful that nothing but honorable decisions are considered.

    We can set term limits, limit the number of representatives having similar background (lawyers, doctors, etc.), reduce political party influence in decision making, tax lobbying, make committee selection random, control travel and lodging while in office, and require votes be posted on national websites with a limit to 500 word explanations as to why a decision was made.
  • Apr 14 2013: Rational thought. OIf course, we can't expect our champion to win reelection.
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    Apr 14 2013: This is a tough question and I do think you are accurate in your determination that for the most part, everyone has something to complain about when it comes to politics and the administration of our government. First of all, let me start by saying I believe any sort of animosity, regardless of what sort of opposing argument might suggest that criticism of the government equals more efficiency or display of our constitutional rights, is ignorant in and of itself. Animosity only serves to breed an ignorant - by way of being less thought out and less stable - way of proposing an objection to current policy that cannot be looked upon seriously. Such as a scientific experiment requires a well-thought out thesis, hypothesis and plan of action, an objection to governmental politics must contain some moral basis as well as a plan of action guiding policy-makers toward a more proficient solution. Everyone seems disappointed, but unfortunately I think more so everyone is discouraged because they are unable to offer a valuable solution and incapable of truly following through with the reasoning to prove dissatisfaction because in all actuality, our political system is not so bad off.

    Personally what I would be ecstatic to see more of in our government is a) more attention focused on healthcare in the manner of funding toward research; b) more intelligence and more respect for the intelligence of the people of our country, which I think we are starting to see more of with the current administration; finally c) less negativity to the point where politicians begin to allow themselves to focus and make an ideal of issues (i.e., education, cures in the healthcare sector, betterment of financial status) that will not only make their job as politicians more fulfilling, but will set America on a positive spur and only increase positive response and action for the future. Basically people complain, but a politicians position should be to remain positive, hopeful and progressive.
  • Apr 14 2013: WELFARE AND COMMUNITY OWNED ENTERPRISE. Just kidding i want Liberty real liberty.
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    Apr 14 2013: I mostly just look for the sport in politics.

    Mostly we just need it to be local and a lot less centralization, which is where people are disenfranchised.