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If you could spend one day in a great library studying anything you wanted, what would you study?

People don't read and think for themselves anymore. Maybe this is an age-old problem, maybe not. Regardless, I hope that asking this question will spur people on to think about what interests them, what makes them curious, and to go and actively pursue knowledge on that subject.

To help people read, think and speak for themselves again -- that should be a goal of every human capable of thought.


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    Apr 19 2013: I will spend my time on writing skill learning.I think it is the most important skill for students who want to go aboard for improve themselves.As I know the English teacher only impart the English text contents to students in China,simply as vocabulary and fudemental grammar in university if your major isn't English.It would be difficult to me as my major is photography when I plan to attend to the foreign country for postgraduate.

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