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How has TED changed your attitudes or beliefs? Has TED Talks motivated and inspired you?How?

I am currently writing a social impact essay/ research paper on TED .
I would really appreciate and love to learn how TED has helped you in any way, big or small. I know that for myself I've become more knowledgable on global issues and all the wonderful inventions and technologies that scientists are coming up with that we will use or come to know in the future. If at all possible i'd enjoy setting up an interview with anyone who is interested, and wouldn't mind, being used as a source in my paper. My email is rivaselizabeth22@yahoo.com. I am an avid email checker so please feel free to load up my email! WIth your participation I hope to encourage others to check out TED and become a part of the mission to spread ideas worth spreading.

  • Apr 14 2013: I enjoy answering questions and leaving the site with a belief that maybe I transferred some of my knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences to others.

    I also ofter read the responses of others and gain affirmation that I am not the only person thinking the way I do about certain topics.

    I like connecting with new people in a way that is not perceived as anything but an attempt to help or share thoughts.

    I enjoy having my thoughts critiqued or appreciated by others with similar or opposing view points. The exercise of being held logically accountable for your opinions and able to support your claims is a neat feature.

    I enjoy believing that perhaps my opinions and thoughts might make a difference int he life of somebody, somewhere, even if it is not my own children. Sort of "It takes a village to raise a child", with this being sort of a global village.

    TED is sort of an opportunity to give back, on my own terms, to people I select, on my time schedule.
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      Apr 14 2013: First off, thanks for replying. I like to believe the same thing. By answering questions I'm really helping others because this world of ours is one enormous community, and there are so many ideas out there, and so many people with similar ideas, that it would be a shame not to want to work together with others and collaborate on something bigger than those ideas on their own. I also agree wtih the rest of your comment about how you can connect with new people, have your thoughts and ideas critiqued or appreciated, and that our thoughts and opinions, although they may seem insignificant to us or to even a majority of others,it may really touch and move one person to action. I was wondering if you would mind if I used some of what you said in my paper?
      • Apr 14 2013: I have no problem with you using it in your paper.
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    Apr 15 2013: Since I have participated in TED, people have posted here on numerous occasions for research projects such as yours.

    The problem from a research standpoint is that there are maybe two million registered members of the TED Community and an even larger number of people who listen to talks without registering.

    Of those millions, very few participate in TED Conversations , and of those who do, many will not get around to responding to your query.

    Further, listeners who participate in Conversations will not likely be close to a random sample of TED participants overall, and those who respond to your question will not either.

    So the conclusions you might draw from this small and probably unrepresentative sample about what TED talks do for people would not be valid for the population of listeners as a whole.