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Is Korean Education Good?

Here in Korea, almost every student gets private education. Starting from preschool, they are sent to private academies. Many children go to these academies everyday, where they study and bring back large amounts of homework. The academies start as soon as the school ends and end at 10~11 pm. Every month, about $1000 is spent on a child's private education.
Students do not have time to get enough exercise because of all the homework and schoolwork. Even in P.E, we learn about sports and how to play sports with our textbook, but we never really get to play them. Of course, we learn a lot from this kind of education. I know a preschooler who is already studying middle school math by private tutoring. However, I want to know- IS THIS REALLY HELPFUL, IS THIS BENEFICIAL?


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  • Apr 16 2013: What do you want from your education system?

    If it is content knowledge and rote skills, then yes, the system is probably a good one. If you want higher level thinking strategies, then maybe it isn't so good.

    The academies now, by law, must close at 10 p.m. and send the kids home or they can get shut down. This was instituted because kids were staying at the academies at all hours of the night to be "successful". If that is the type of system we want to be successful then yes. I for one think that it is to focused on content and to little on higher level thinking skills.

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