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How important is the economy?

I am an IB student in Sweden and I thought to myself the other day how important is the economy? I mean would the world be able to function without the economy system we have today which is all about producing in large quantities. How would the world be affected if all the banks were shut down, the markets were also closed what would be the result.

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    Apr 13 2013: this is the world without economy:

    hunting and gathering food, child survival between 25-50%, average life expectancy 25 years, hunger is frequent, serious illnesses are lethal, clothing is raw leather, tool is stone axe. just like 10000 years ago.
    • Apr 18 2013: Most people today live worse than peoples 10,000 years ago.
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        Apr 18 2013: that is the most arrogant statement i can think of
        • Apr 20 2013: Our hunter gatherer ancestors were much healthier than the first agriculturalists. This is archaeological discoveries. Scholars have also found that hunter gatherers had a much more leisurely life and what work was done were things that people do now for sport. Egalitarianism was the norm.

          Contrast that to the people that live on less than 2 dollars a day. Think about the number of people that are sick from hunger or on the opposite end degenerative disease. Which is how many million? Think about the massive disparity of wealth today. Think about the anger there is today about how we ought to live.. will we ever agree and what are the consequences for not agreeing?

          By the way, you can't just call opposing views arrogant. That's an emotional argument that accomplishes nothing.
        • Apr 20 2013: You need to inform yourself before you dismiss statements as "arrogant." Try reading some Jared Diamond. Pick up a book about hunter gatherers. Read some Daniel Quinn. This will help.
        • Apr 20 2013: Your progressivist views of human history need to be re examined.

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