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How is Political Bias effecting the integrity of our Universities?

Its my understanding that history and economics makes this fact clear; Free Markets work effectively and Controlled markets don't. I Am concerned with the overly Liberal and Anti-Capitalist views many of Americas schools and teachers endorse. If people where taught the truth and not the spin, i believe many University graduates would support the free market rather than oppose it. Instead our schools choose not to mention the millions who died in China after Mao Zedong "collectivized" agriculture, and the failure of every other historical attempt to "collectivize." Rather than having perspective many Scholars, teacher, and their students promote a collective ideology for our country. Any viewpoint is bad when its a viewpoint being fed to you and thinking is being suspended. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE WHO IS CONCERNED ABOUT THE SELLING OF PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY IN SCHOOLS, AND THE MONOPOLY THAT IDEOLOGY HAS ON OUR NATIONS "PROFESSIONALS?" WHAT CAN WE DO TO ENCOURAGE MORE BALANCE?


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    Apr 13 2013: .
    'Free Markets work effectively and Controlled markets don't'

    No, it isn't any where near as clear-cut as that. Some people here on this section of TED choose to believe that, but the entirety of either one is ultimately damaging to everyone because there are a series of advantages and disadvantages to both. Neither of which is infallible, as this article displays:
    The end conclusion (that I happen to agree with) is that you can't go all-in with any one model.

    It isn't beneficial to society for the government to subsidize one company over the other
    and its certainly not beneficial to go to a company who wants to mass-pollute and give them a free pass to do as they please (for examples among 100's).

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