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People are disinclined to multitask. And perhaps the concept of over caffienation is what is needed to induce norm awareness

Our lives are complex. Change is slow and if you don't observe the subtle changes the changes will become the norm. The .0005 % are counting on this. We do not have a G20. We have a G5. Eventually we will have a G2 or a G1. Think outside the US. Who will become the G1.

  • Apr 13 2013: Perhaps I was being too ironic. I totally agree with Lawrence Lessig and his discussion. The problem I see everywhere is a lack of understanding how subtle change becomes the new norm. Rather than a Tea Party we need a Party of Coffee. I believe Mr. Lawrence was pointing out that we are on the wrong path and was suggesting more people need to be aware of the changes taking place. Of course a G1 would be a dystopia. I believe Mr. Lawrence was warning us and suggesting how to prevent it.
  • Apr 13 2013: This statement is the opposite of what I would assume.