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Smart Hard Hat

*This idea belongs to my team member, Brent Fikowski. I wouldn't take credit for his idea.

Situation: Safety at construction and mine sites is a major priority not only in Australia but around the world. Hard hats provide safety to workers from heavy impact.

Complication: Safety at labour intensive sites is not confined to injury sustained by head impacts. Overworking results in lower productivity over time and injury is more likely to occur when a worker is highly fatigued. Strenuous work can cause serious harm including strokes heart attacks and so on. If a worker is trapped and for any reason cannot access a mobile communication device how can they receive help. What happens if a worker is knocked unconscious when no one is around? How do you ensure employees always wear their helmets?

Question: How can hard hats be updated to provide better safety to workers?

Answer: By creating the next generation of hard hats with built-in technology designed to provide enhanced safety benefits. The Smart Hard Hat will have several features that increase the safety of workers on the job site. The hat will constantly monitor heart rate, perspiration, breathing rate and brain activity. The Smart Hard Hat will also respond to verbal commands in times of emergency. All helmets will be connected via ZigBee technology, bouncing the individual information off of each another until all the data reaches a central location. If a worker’s vitals go above a threshold level the worker will be notified through a speaker in their helmet. If the vitals are at a very dangerous level notifications will be sent to help that worker. Workers can use the helmet to call for help in times of emergency as well. The technology between the helmets will be simple but effective, it can identify the location of workers for safety reasons, and notify them if they need to move to a safer area or to help a co-worker.

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  • Apr 15 2013: Facinating idea that this constuction worker totally agrees with. However, it will be a tough sell to the bean counters in the corporate offices when the technology will drive the price of the $10 hard hat to $100 or more. Great idea but good luck getting it off the ground.

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