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Is Western Society Sick And Heading For Collapse ?

Professor Mark Stein drew the conclusion that western society is sick and heading for collapse in a psychoanalysis of the financial crisis.

Is he right?

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    W. Ying

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    Apr 14 2013: .
    It is the “sick” of detection dysfunction of Invalid Happiness,
    instinctively or psychologically.

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10-11, 14, at
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    Apr 13 2013: We have bought into the lie that money equates with happiness & contentment. We have lost sight of our moral & spiritual roots. We are spiritual creatures, hence materialism can never satisfy us. Only communion with our creator can bring relief. As things stand, we are heading for the buffers. Our leaders are only blind leaders of the blind; they tell us what we want to hear; we would never vote for the truth, at least not at present.

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      Apr 15 2013: G'day Peter

      We have replaced spirituality with consumerist materialism which is leading us to our own demise.

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    Apr 15 2013: G'day Lee

    Well according to the past he is, the Roman Empire went the same way, immorality & promiscuity only leads to one thing in the long run, degradation.

  • Apr 13 2013: Haven't seen it yet but:

    Yes. Especially in the U.S.
    They are extremely mentally ill.
    They worship lies.
    They cannot recognize this because the majority are ill, so it all appears normal to them.
    They are ruled by true psychopaths, no different than those who once ran Nazi Germany.
    They believe what these psychopaths tell them, all while the psychopaths are removing their liberties, stealing their hard earned money, destroying the country, killing millions of children in other countries, decade after decade with immunity and impunity, lying directly to their faces and they follow them. They still believe voting works, a great indicator of mental illness if not outright insanity. In fact, insanity fits because those in the West actually do not know the difference between right and wrong.
    And they falsely believe authority is the truth instead of truth being the authority.
    They can no longer recognize the truth and if they do, they cannot act upon it.
    They believe in money and can no longer think or imagine a better world without all the evils of the one they have allowed to be built by the psychopaths they listen to.
    Anyone one who believes and votes for a psychopath must be psychotic themselves, which is to be split from actual reality, thus, insane.
    A country made up of Manchurian Candidates, "voted" into power by Manchurian Citizens, cannot last.
    Lastly, they believe if there was no money, they would not get hungry, so they cannot imagine a new and better way because ultimately they believe in suicide, because that is where they are headed.

    At least this is what many of them have told me.
    One last thing. Most of them believe in hope, which is a false concept. Just another lie they worship.
    • Apr 13 2013: Gosh, I will be unpopular here, but I applaud your effort.

      Since the early 1960's I've watch this nation go downhill.
      From the time as a small boy when the Sunday Comics changed
      from Terry and the Pirates, into Terry and the Flying Tigers.
      I knew something was wrong when the War Dept was named Defense,
      and Freedom had to be fought for. And the nation spent more on
      War Materials than on Social Programs. Truly a corruption.
  • Apr 13 2013: Okay - in addition to what I wrote earlier Lee - I looked at your link. Gee, why would our leaders tell us the truth? The real President Bush was not reelected because he did the right thing in reaising taxes. Jimmy Carter gave an opitimistic but realistic speech about the future. It was called his malaise speech, and he was not reelected POTUS. Why would our leaders bother telling us the truth and is America unique?
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      Apr 13 2013: The voters voted out economic incompetence. It was about jobs under Bush (who was stuck with Tip Oneal's legacy) and a litany of economic problems (self imposed Keynesian) with Carter, who's legacies are the CRA, Fed education Department, Department of energy and others.
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    Apr 13 2013: I come from a non-west Culture and society and I observe both western and non-western societies to suffer stagnation of morality, economy, ecology and climate with varying degrees. Since West dominated the paradigms for a long time their fall is more noticeable.
    I look towards Africa with hope because it is neither so called West or East. In terms of exploitation, suffering and corruption this great continent had hit the bottom and it can only go up from there. It remained the cradle of humanity, perhaps we will go back to our ancient mother once more to seek peace and prosperity in a very different paradigm.
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      Apr 13 2013: Thank you for bringing into the discussion a bigger-picture point of view. While the question asks about the West, it sometimes helps to understand a situation by slicing it a different way, in this case time rather than place.
  • Apr 13 2013: All Western society? With 7 then 8 then9 then 10 then 11 then 12 then 13 then 14 then 15 etc. billion people in the world we'll eventually have problems looking at it from first principles. The problem is not just for Western Society it's a worldwide chain letter.
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    Apr 13 2013: Yes, our society, economy, morals, ecology, and climate are all going to hell. We are all in need of serious professional psychological help. We are all going to die! (This last statement is NOT a joke).
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    Apr 13 2013: Stein is very bright. The symptoms may be indicative of something don't know. But what is for sure this is a math problem that will do in the West.
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    Apr 13 2013: As far as I can see Western society is healthy, robust, and steadfastly meeting it's challenges.