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Men do a terrible job in ruling our world. So it is about time we allow women to rule instead and see if they can do a better job.

Men have ruled our world for all of recorded history, which has been a story of continuous wars, genocide, injustice, oppression and poverty. History demonstrates time and time again, that men do a terrible job in ruling our world.
We can find the reasons why in the instincts of male animals. Every spring, animals like stags, bulls and rams will fight each other for dominance and access to females. Men likewise have similar instincts but they fight with far more deadly weapons like spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, aircraft, bombs and rockets. In the 20th century men came close to committing global suicide through nuclear warfare in the cold war between the USSR and NATO.
Men have also failed to create a fair and equal society. Again, this is because of the masculine competitive instinct. An alpha stag has no intention of sharing any of his harem with any other stag. We see exactly the same attitude in any society ruled by men, with a big gap between rich and poor.
So would Women do a better job? As we see with all female animals, they have a powerful maternal instinct. Without this powerful instinct to nurture their young most mammals and birds on this planet, would go extinct. Likewise, women are natural carers and most will devote their lives caring for children, as well as the sick, disabled, elderly and animals. If we had true matriarchal governments they would want to nurture and care for the people they rule.
It is true that nowadays, most female politicians like Margaret Thatcher show little compassion for others. But when women join patriarchal political parties they have to act and behave like men to gain respect and promotion. So in this system only the most ruthless and aggressive women obtain any position of power. This is why we need to have true matriarchal political parties made up only of women. So women can be themselves and act and behave like nurturing and caring women. And so nurture the countries they rule.


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    • Apr 18 2013: I agree that women through history have been subjected to patriarchal propaganda to make them feel powerless. The point is that men do this to each other all the time. You can see this clearly in sport where sportsmen competing against each other will try to undermine each other's confidence by trading insults with each other. So when men also insult and put down women, they are simply playing power games with them. In these power games any 'weakness' of the opponent is exploited, so if a women has a concerned about being too fat, the man will then tell her exactly what she doesn't want to hear, to undermine her confidence in herself.

      In spite of what some feminist say, men and women are very different to each other. So they when women enter the competitive world of patriarchal politics or business they end up having to act differently to their natural behaviour. Because the natural caring and nurturing instincts of women are exploited by men and are condemned by men as a 'weakness'. And in the dog eat dog patriarchal world, perhaps it is. But if women have their own matriarchal political party, and they show to the voters that they are far more caring and loving people than any patriarchal political party then that 'weakness' then becomes a strength. Because most voters will prefer to be ruled by caring people, instead of ruthless, uncaring macho men.

      So it is about women taking pride in their nurturing and maternal nature and saying to the world, ;we are better people because of this. And then point out that the world is ruled by uncaring and exploitive men and this is why the world is ruled so badly. And so women can make a strong case to the people, why they would be better rulers of the world than men.

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