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Men do a terrible job in ruling our world. So it is about time we allow women to rule instead and see if they can do a better job.

Men have ruled our world for all of recorded history, which has been a story of continuous wars, genocide, injustice, oppression and poverty. History demonstrates time and time again, that men do a terrible job in ruling our world.
We can find the reasons why in the instincts of male animals. Every spring, animals like stags, bulls and rams will fight each other for dominance and access to females. Men likewise have similar instincts but they fight with far more deadly weapons like spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, aircraft, bombs and rockets. In the 20th century men came close to committing global suicide through nuclear warfare in the cold war between the USSR and NATO.
Men have also failed to create a fair and equal society. Again, this is because of the masculine competitive instinct. An alpha stag has no intention of sharing any of his harem with any other stag. We see exactly the same attitude in any society ruled by men, with a big gap between rich and poor.
So would Women do a better job? As we see with all female animals, they have a powerful maternal instinct. Without this powerful instinct to nurture their young most mammals and birds on this planet, would go extinct. Likewise, women are natural carers and most will devote their lives caring for children, as well as the sick, disabled, elderly and animals. If we had true matriarchal governments they would want to nurture and care for the people they rule.
It is true that nowadays, most female politicians like Margaret Thatcher show little compassion for others. But when women join patriarchal political parties they have to act and behave like men to gain respect and promotion. So in this system only the most ruthless and aggressive women obtain any position of power. This is why we need to have true matriarchal political parties made up only of women. So women can be themselves and act and behave like nurturing and caring women. And so nurture the countries they rule.


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  • Apr 13 2013: I agree to some extent but I think not much will change as these womwn will have the pressure to act powerfull and be like how men have for centuries defined the qualities a leader should have. What should change is that equality should first be established and with that new ways of thinking, new definitions of what makes a great leader will emerge. AND by equality I mean for both women and men. Women should see men as their equal and not expect them to pay on a date or basically the little things they won't admitt to. Same thing with men they shouldn't look down on women because of their periods etc. and well all the other little things. Equality is key here! But personaly I think women would do a better job as long as they aren't influenced by *men* ideas they would do great.
    • Apr 13 2013: Men have a really bad record as far as equality is concerned. Men have failed to create an equal society even when they set out to do this with communism. So what gives you the idea they can suddenly do it now? If we have an government of the same number of men and women. The men would compete strongly against the women for power. As the result only very ruthless and competitive women will get anywhere in this system. It will still remain a patriarchal government with some women within it. Women need to be able to form their own matriarchal political parties, if we are to benefit from the caring and nurturing aspect of women in government.
      • Apr 14 2013: I don't think it may be possible now as more women may be educated but its still mostly in the ways of thinking of males. But I think that if more women were more independent in a way that the influence of men won't affect them so much and in that way have new ideas on most things and hey even possibly find the meaning of life! But firstly women need to gain more confidence and follow their own ideas and not those implied by men.
        • Apr 14 2013: I would agree with you that women need a lot more confidence in themselves. And I can understand you being suspicious of any idea coming from a man. But many men are as fed up with the patriarchal society we live in, as what women are. Many men do not like playing the macho role that patriarchy forces onto them. So if women did form their own matriarchal political parties, they would receive a lot of support from many men.
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          Apr 14 2013: William,
          "Many men do not like playing the macho role that patriarchy forces onto them"?

          How is it forced? Don't men have choices?

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