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Will sometime in the future, the human race would see itself as one nationality?

At the distent past people saw themself as part of a tribe, then as a city state and so on societies conjoined. But the problom is that everytime it happend it was due to external power. Either a strong conqueror absored them, or they united to fight him.

This is why, to my belief, only a successful alien invasion will unite the human race. Because after a failed one we are too likely to go back to fighting each other. Irregardless to this very unlikley scenerio, Is sometime in the future, the human race will see itself as one nationality?


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  • Apr 14 2013: While it is true that we as a species have been hard-wired for agression over millions of years and have developed the tendency to operate within tribes, this was a means of achieving a greater personal survival rate. Tribes had a tendency to attack their neighbors to secure greater quantities of food etc.

    However, as the world becomes smaller through globalisation, we're realising that the earth provides more than enough to support all our lives if the system of management is better. There will be more and more wars in the short term over competition for resources that's for sure. But mankind will realise that wars do not equate to survival and our survival instinct will cause a re-wiring for cooperation.

    The current financial system will collapse fairly soon and will be replaced with a proper economy.

    Unlike you I do believe that we are headed for a global socialist agenda. The United nation's Agenda 21 is proof enough of that. It is certainly needed in order to maintain the survival of our species, short term.

    However, short-sighted in-out politics will eventually be replaced by a more effective form of management. Scientists, aided by Technology will one day provide that better system of management as it will look at longer term goals and sustainability.

    The key is survival. As the population grows and we become a more global, rather than localized species, our survival instinct will push us into a stage of evolution dominated by science and technology.

    Without in-out politics and the indoctined concept of nationality, we could become humans from planet earth.

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