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Will sometime in the future, the human race would see itself as one nationality?

At the distent past people saw themself as part of a tribe, then as a city state and so on societies conjoined. But the problom is that everytime it happend it was due to external power. Either a strong conqueror absored them, or they united to fight him.

This is why, to my belief, only a successful alien invasion will unite the human race. Because after a failed one we are too likely to go back to fighting each other. Irregardless to this very unlikley scenerio, Is sometime in the future, the human race will see itself as one nationality?


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  • Apr 12 2013: Thank you for your question Adir.

    I am optimistic that the Internet and globalization will help humans to evolve and become enlightened to the fact that the earth, all life on it, and the universe, is one organism and that we're all inter-connected with, and inter-dependent on each other. We'll awaken to the fact that nationality and the borders that divide people are mental concepts that must be removed in order for us to not just maintain the survival of our species but to thrive with peace, abundance and happiness.

    Peace and love

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      Apr 12 2013: Maybe, hopefully, but I'm pessimistic.
      Judging by the past, no one has ever united without an external threat. People always had someone defied as the anamy: this is how the neandrathals, homo erectus and many more got extinct. I was wondering what it would take, without the external enmy.
      • Apr 13 2013: Thank you Adir.

        The most damaging to harmony within the human race is nationalism. A relatively small number of individuals manage society as proxies for the masses, and direct world events from a perspective that is quite alien to most people. Much of their knowledge has been restricted to what they are told by politicians and the media, and their opinions are carefully molded to serve whatever is in the best interests of the elite.

        For the first time, people from all nations are united by the Internet. We do not have to rely on information provided by politicians and our national media. We can communicate in real time with people from all over the world. We can build relationships with people from all over the world. We can seek the truth. Remove ignorance and along with it, beliefs, prejudice and fear.

        What are we when ignorance, beliefs, prejudice and fear are removed ? We are love.

        This is why I am optimistic.

        Peace and love

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        Apr 16 2013: Anthropogenic global warming is the external enemy that was created from within...
    • Apr 14 2013: Thats a romantic notion but come on. Do you think we have the capacity for it? We are hard-wired organisms designed to thrive survive and compete.. i know a bummer right. Picture this; 6 billion hippies on earth laughing loving and meditating and then a group of Fascists, very small in number, come and conquer the world. We are always going to have a need to be vigilant and we will always compete and divide ourselves into groups. Its just our nature. This is earth not hippie love-land and never will be, sorry.
      • Apr 14 2013: You clearly believe in creationism for if you believed that we are still evolving you could not adopt such fixed ideas as to our potential. We are designed to survive like all other organism, nationalism, fascism, capitalism, racism, sexism, species-ism are all concepts created by ignorance and none are sustainable for the long term survival of our species.

        We once ALL believed the earth was round and slavery was around for thousands of years.

        One thing is for sure, there is no permanence... not even you. One day you will die, and along with you your fixed ideas as to your own and the human race's potential.
        • Apr 14 2013: Yes the soft wiring of our brain changes significantly over even short period of time but hard wiring not so much. Through nurture we may widely accept your hippie idealism but we by nature will remain creatures driven by sex and aggression atleast for awhile. Plus I don't think evolution has a global Marxist agenda

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