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The more effort you make, feel better on the work; The more effort you make, feel worse in the love.

Motivation and the labor you made in the work is as important as in the love. You try your best in the love, do everything you could for making your girlfriend or boyfriend happy. Yes you are right, but unfortunately maybe in your girlfriend's or boyfriend's eyes, he/she could get hold of you easily, they needn't do something to keep this relationship. Just like IKEA example, people don‘t treasure what is not their own. People treasure what created and laboured hard by their own. The one who pay more in love always be the loser. So the more effort you make, the worse relationship you get. Of course I am not telling you pay less in the love. What we need is a balance. Both sides should make effort to keep this relationship. Only in this way, they could have a happy ending.

What do you think?

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  • Apr 16 2013: As a woman I disagree - for a man to appreciate something - to value something it is essential that he have to work for it so invest in it - a relationship with a woman is the same thing. When you speak of "effort" the worse it is in love I suspect the effort is more about trying to make something work or to love at all costs versus remaining your own person and making yourself a valued partner by being authentic and awesome. Choosing the right kind of woman is also essential. Use the other head. Sorry - but it needed to be said. I wish you love in your life :-)
    • Apr 16 2013: Thank you. I agree with you that everyone need make effort to become a valued partner. People must love themselves firstly, then they could be loved by others. Love myself means have a better body, a good job, some active hobbies etc. You have responsibility to become better and better both in love and out of love. Being better is the best preparation for love. Once you meet you love, being better is also your goals. Only in this way, can we feel happy not only from our partner but also, more important, from ourselves.

      So I agree with you that we need make some effort to become better.

      And thanks for your wish. I am only a 23-year postgraduate student in China, I wish I could love my life as well. And with you happy every day.

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