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The more effort you make, feel better on the work; The more effort you make, feel worse in the love.

Motivation and the labor you made in the work is as important as in the love. You try your best in the love, do everything you could for making your girlfriend or boyfriend happy. Yes you are right, but unfortunately maybe in your girlfriend's or boyfriend's eyes, he/she could get hold of you easily, they needn't do something to keep this relationship. Just like IKEA example, people don‘t treasure what is not their own. People treasure what created and laboured hard by their own. The one who pay more in love always be the loser. So the more effort you make, the worse relationship you get. Of course I am not telling you pay less in the love. What we need is a balance. Both sides should make effort to keep this relationship. Only in this way, they could have a happy ending.

What do you think?

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  • Apr 14 2013: You make very fine points and I like to few things:
    Love can be complex to know but if you understand the true principles of how and even why, then it starts to make a lot sense and it can lead to abundant or prosperous flow, and I don't mean to sound greedy or anything but people may tend to think that living truely holy means something to like rid all of your possions and live off the Himalayas or even just stay poor for the rest of your life to abstain from material world, so ya ok somethings are beyond from being sensible, illogical, or like "why my phone won't turn on", but to make great things happen you gotta be on edge or
    Make intangibles to make tangibles even if it is something that is totally against you or for the world, which is sensible
    So to answer you're question: I would serve yourself, partner(boyfriend/girlfriend), parent, and finally public (friends, world causes, or anything thats outside your house) because no sucess outside the home, can compensate for the failure inside the Home
    BTW all the stuff said here is from a seminar at Higher Laws, so go to higherlaws.com for more info
    • Apr 14 2013: Hi David, thank you very much, I like this sentence: no sucess outside the home, can compensate for the failure inside the Home!!!

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