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By partially privatizing social security, would we be able to end the issues currently involved with it?

Instead of part of our paycheck being taxed to pay for the benefits of those already retired, would it be more beneficial to have that money go into a personal account which can be used once we retire? How would something like this be set up and what could be potential ramifications?


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  • Apr 14 2013: Social security is an insurance program, not an investment program. It is designed to be very low risk, and therefore it will never have as high returns as a market based retirement solution. On the other hand, it will not be wiped out every time there is a stock market crash, either. The issues with the sustainability of Social Security are overblown by self interested investors who have skin in the game of overhaul, whereas simple adjustments of how much is collected and from whom would keep the program solvent throughout the baby boom bubble and beyond.

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