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Will people ever grasp how important food is?

It is exhausting watching video after video or lecture after lecture about thousands of people dying due to poor diet. Yet, these individual's with the poor diets WONT change the way they look at food. Sure, some do, but when will the rest of the US catch up and realize how important the food you eat, is?

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    Apr 12 2013: There are a number of factors at play here. One is that the results of diet may show more in the long term than the short term and people pay more attention to the short term. Another is that guidance as to what a healthy diet looks like changes over time, which may make the recommendations at any time seem less credible. Another is that people get confused about what is healthy when packaging puts things forward as healthy that is not particularly healthy. Another is that people also care how food tastes as well as how long it takes to prepare it. Another thing people care about is what food costs.
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    Apr 12 2013: it is strange how people cling to old ways. Do you have any idea why?
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      Apr 15 2013: There is not enough information about what a healthy diet consists of - although I do remember learning about the food pyramid in elementary school. I think high schools need more education about this (they'll retain this also at that age) and less vending machines, for sure.

      As for people clinging to old ways, when I consider what that means I think about old ways in the sense of farming, locally bought eggs, etc. If people actually did cling to this idea more, rather than mass produced, every sort of product you could imagine right at your fingertips, there would be more health.

      Another thing to add is that habit is a most necessary component for developing a healthy lifestyle - your tastebuds agree. A couple weeks after not drinking soda, for example, you don't want it. A couple weeks of a healthy diet, you are happier and you crave healthier things.

      Perhaps you are referring to clinging to old ways in that people are reluctant to develop new habits.
  • Apr 14 2013: It is hard to get the average (able to maintain a livelihood) person to grasp how important 'X' is until they do not have X as much as they used to or do not have it anymore.

    The best way is to take them through a simulation exercise that will enable them to experience hunger and famine in a controlled environment. I am sure they will come out of it with a white-washed attitude about food-waste.
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    Apr 14 2013: What are humans supposed to eat, what is the optimum diet?
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    Apr 13 2013: This issue of food is the same principle that could be seen in many facets of life and living.

    Its not about knowing the way or having information about the way; it is about the discipline and persistence to walk in the way.
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    Apr 13 2013: .My answer:
    People will as soon as
    they know what “invalid taste” is.
    (A kind of “invalid happiness”)

    (For details, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 10-11, 14, at