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What life changing event(s) have you experienced? Did it make you a better person?

Depending on our age, most of us have experienced something that has changed our lives dramatically... care to share?

  • Apr 13 2013: There were many.

    Finding the right parents.

    Making Eagle Scout.

    Getting married and honoring the vows.

    Graduating from college.

    Learning to plan ahead and live below my means.

    Having children & watching them grow.

    Losing a parent.

    Becoming a Scout leader.

    Several near death health issues and accidents that went in my favor.

    Losing my job mid-career and rebounding.

    Walking my daughter down the aisle.

    Learning to take pleasure in helping others.

    Learning to enjoy the simple things in life.

    Learning to listen carefully to the opinions of others and respect them.

    Learning the inner peace of trying to improve my work, my health, and my knowledge each day.
    • Apr 16 2013: Thanks for sharing your list of events I like the format a lot! Best wishes on your journey!