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Get Congressmembers to argue in favor of their opposing viewpoint.

To deal with the polarization of Congress, I propose the idea of starting the process of rational intelligence. I want Congress to set up a rule that forces them to argue in favor of their opposing viewpoint. Democrats argue in favor of Republican positions and Republicans argue in favor of Democrat viewpoints. We must balance our heavily masculine American society with feminine principles.

See my video (http://youtu.be/gFUBrQtZjrE) and the 4 TED talks to educate yourself on the background behind polarization in Congress and what you can do about it.

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    Apr 12 2013: I don't want my representative to argue anything but what I voted for him for.
    • Apr 17 2013: How do you know that they fully understands the other side of the argument tho?

      I think what's great about Eriks point is, if we see the politician go through this process. We know that they fully understand both sides and are forming and argument and not a contradiction of what the other is saying.
      Once they understand and have argued both sides they also don't need to wory about protecting any ego.

      Also don't rule out the posibility that you hadn't fully considered both side of the argument when you voted for them.
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        Apr 17 2013: I feel that as you say the arguments are understood by both sides.

        They are representatives and are supposed to vote the way the people who voted for them want. This trumps the rest.
        • Apr 17 2013: I understand what you are saying.

          I guess I'd rather spend my vote on the integrity of the individule/party rather than on any single policy that might not be relevant four years from now. And if I was voting based on a policy, I'd need to be very sure that they fully understand the argument against their policy.
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        Apr 17 2013: Integrity in congress?

        I want the policy that I voted for to be represented, this is a representative government.

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