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TED community host housing.

I was in a conversation a little while ago about travel and seeing not just the airports and centers of tourism of places but the actual lives of the people who live in other countries. To this end what if we were to establish a community of TED members who would offer a place to stay in their houses to traveling guests, the hosts could list the time they would have available,and the dates and then the travelers could contact them and "book" those days for themselves. That way people could visit all sorts of places and see all sorts of walks of life and not just a narrow window into a country, or culture.

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    Apr 12 2013:

    I traveled a little with it, 90% fun, 10% uncomfertible time with strange strangers.
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      Apr 13 2013: That sounds like an endorsement. I figure one way that the world will cope with the new oil reality is hitchhiking, I hope that the web gives us a way to arrange better safer rides.
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        Apr 13 2013: Ther's also an app for that, don't remember its name