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Why is Marijuana Illegal while Alcohol is Legal?

We all know that Alcohol is far more dangerous for society and our bodies than Marijuana is. Correct me if i'm wrong about that, but that is my opinion. Alcohol leads to more deaths and violence, far more than Marijuana.

I can continue stating points, but that is not what I am here for. I am here to hear the opinion of everyone else. So fellow TED members, why is Marijuana Illegal and why is Alcohol legal.


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    Apr 12 2013: Don't know
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      Apr 12 2013: thanks for your reply
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        Apr 12 2013: Americans have struggled mightily for generations to overcome the oppressors of imbibing. Perhaps due to the nature of mota it does not render people good at protesting?

        Alcohol renders people good at protesting, they just have a hard time remembering what they are protesting.
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          Apr 12 2013: maybe we need to invent a combination of drugs that is optimal for protesting.
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          Apr 12 2013: Marjiuana users are more relaxed, so they don't protest, or protest very quietly.
          If someone told a bunch of drunks they can't drink it will be (and was) war.
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        Apr 12 2013: Exactly Adir

        But in all reality mota smokers can get quite irate if you try to harsh their mellow.

        But overall I agree alcohol is a better performance enhancer when protesting


        That is the kind of innovative thinking that Mr Ridley would be proud of

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