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indoctrination, I noticed something interesting.

So an interesting coincidence came across me today

i was reading a Noam Chomsky article where he talks about how Adam Smiths philosophy has been butchered by the Chicago school of economics.


There are similarities between Karl Marx and Adam Smith between their philosophy on the division of labor. This seems to have been forgotten

Adam Smiths thoughts


page 4 2b) Karl Marx's thoughts

I just found it interesting that in this talk, Dan Ariely didn't notice that Adam Smith also had similar meaning to Karl Marx.

To me this sort of shows how massive the level of indoctrination and twisting of history has twisted today's society. It's even affected our intellectuals.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Apr 13 2013: Perhaps I have an excess of confidence on humanity, and it is true that laziness can prevent us for doing so (double-check). But I am sure that when something rings a bell (in the sense of feeling that something is not according with your knowledge or experience) while listening or reading this kind of conferences, at least the listener or reader doesn´t use that information as if it were true instead of an opinion of a speaker.

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