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Have you ever felt your thought is not very independent ? How you solve it ?

Do the western children think of this question earlier than the eastern children ?

Is the concept important to us or it' s just one of the troubles we so-called " Everybody has had it . "

How are you guys ' parents leading you ?

As a 17-year-old student ,I have thought of this question long before .
I don't think come up with your own viewpoint is a shame . I don't want to " Passive accepted " . I can accept your core after you convince me .

I think an independent character is the fundamental of a person . So i begin to cultivating my own value of the world .

After i have read books , watched the speech . I sill have puzzles . But i can't debate with my friends because ,in china , people who concerned the mental issue become more and more lessening.

People will think you are a freak, your friends also don't want to talk this topic with you because it seems like too heavy and it will show to us how ignorant we are .

Some people often think that Chinese youth don't have their own spirits or creeds .

But i believe there must be many sober people .

We also have a mind system of our own ,we just don not know how to arouse it .


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      Apr 15 2013: UH.... Because I afraid you may can't understand my pionts , I use the software altered a bit .

      I have a little problem about your last sentence. Is that mean I should be liable for what I said ?
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          Apr 16 2013: NO...

          In China you will find , via the Sina Weibo RenRensite or any other else , there is a large of people followed the "Group think " and there is also a amount of people hold an entirely different perspective to debate with the so-called " Anti-party ".

          Sometime I feel they just for hold to hold ,you know ,as I need novel I created diverse , but the reason I raise to support my pionts is farfetched .

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