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Have you ever felt your thought is not very independent ? How you solve it ?

Do the western children think of this question earlier than the eastern children ?

Is the concept important to us or it' s just one of the troubles we so-called " Everybody has had it . "

How are you guys ' parents leading you ?

As a 17-year-old student ,I have thought of this question long before .
I don't think come up with your own viewpoint is a shame . I don't want to " Passive accepted " . I can accept your core after you convince me .

I think an independent character is the fundamental of a person . So i begin to cultivating my own value of the world .

After i have read books , watched the speech . I sill have puzzles . But i can't debate with my friends because ,in china , people who concerned the mental issue become more and more lessening.

People will think you are a freak, your friends also don't want to talk this topic with you because it seems like too heavy and it will show to us how ignorant we are .

Some people often think that Chinese youth don't have their own spirits or creeds .

But i believe there must be many sober people .

We also have a mind system of our own ,we just don not know how to arouse it .


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    Apr 11 2013: Parents everywhere try to influence children based on their personal opinions and code of values ; this includes religious views, political views, social and ethical issues, current topics.. Also schools, politicians and media can,and do influence opinions; there is manipulation of people even in the democratic free western societies but it's not imposed. The real difference lays with the individual ...what he chooses to listen to, and to what degree. It is ok to question things and to form your own opinion and view of the world, but pay close attention...sometimes things can be deceiving and it takes time to understand the real values. The more diverse things you read and listen to the broader your view of the world is going to be.

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