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What is your opinion of nanocellulose algae

Imagine a substance that was strong and light enough to armour soldiers, flexible and conductive enough to be turned into the next generation of flexible smartphone screens - and even absorbent enough to make tampons more effective.

Now imagine the process for making this wonder material was cheap, fast and involved nothing else than water, sunshine and time.

What you have imagined is nanocellulose which scientists say is just around the corner - and could be the material of the future.

Aslo know that it absorbs carbon monoxide the major suspect in global warming.

Is this just hype .... if true how could it change the world.

  • Apr 12 2013: Do you mean carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide?
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    Apr 12 2013: Biotechnology and nanotechnology combined into one, sounds like genius to me. I don't think this just hype. Based on research I do on trends happening with new and proposed materials and manufacturing processes, these kinds of materials and the know-how to produce them shouldn't be that far off from the future. Everybody remembers the impact plastics had and continues to have... just imagine the possibilities.
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    Apr 12 2013: Yes but what kind of a dessert topping is it?

    Nano everything is going to make the computer revolution into a footnote.
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    Apr 11 2013: Never heard of them. Were they one of the 70's Techno-Psycho-Rock bands?