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Why are people so pessimistic?

Why are some people so negative towards everything in life? What sorts of events lead them to be this way? Positivity leads to a better or happier life and everyone knows that but still ignore the fact and remain pessimistic. Y


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    Apr 12 2013: I'm a proud pessimistic.

    People are pessimistic because they are right.
    Maybe optimistic people are happier than negative people, but there's a big diffrence between being pessimstic and being negative. Pessmistic people invest better, take less foolish risks, go to the doctor at a regular basis, and generally are more willing to face the harsh reallity:
    So far, almost everybody who ever born, also died.
    Most people who try, fail.
    The people in charge are fools.
    We live on one star out of 8 (bye bye pluto), in a solar system whitch is one out of a houndred billion, in a galaxy witch is one out of a billion. We are farely new and at war with ourselves.

    I'm a positive pessimistic: I might die, but enjoy life. I might fail, but worse is not trying. We have to change the people in charge, because I'm affraid of what happen if not.

    Sorry but I get poetic when I'm as bored as hell.
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      Apr 12 2013: A tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view.
      That is the definition of pessimistic. How can you be a positive pessimist?
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        Apr 12 2013: Brcause even tough I know that the future is gloomy, and sometimes even the present, I am still happy and enjoying my life.
        You can be a positive pessimistic in many ways:

        - In a hedonistic way:
        Commandor: "Eat, drink and f**k, because tommorow we die".

        - In an indiffrence way:
        Doc:"You might die" patient : "So? eventually so are you".

        - (and this is my personal favorite) In a way to make it the meaning of life:
        Optimistic: "I'm sure global warming would be fixed". Pessimistic: "Most people don't really care, I would make it my life goal to fix global warming, because even though my chances are slim, I have no other option". This might not sound happy, but people who feel their life have meaning are verey much happy.

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