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Recently i started noticing the disadvantages that many undocumented people have to put up with, this is their perspective.

I find myself
as just another statistic,
dreaming big dreams,
but nothing realistic.
So much to learn,
who has the time?
Alone on this one,
noone willing to make the climb.

It impresses me how imperialists
treat inmates inferior,
thinking the solution to crime
is by acting superior,
the first shall be last,
and the last shall be first.
I hope that to be true
when Im dying of thirst.
The truths are self-evident,
I think that, not,
its something that, We the people
have seemed to forgot.

Savagely searching for
stable stability,
moved to the 'mericas,
no money for mobility.
The kids are important,
let them succeed,
while we work away our lives
'til our insides bleed


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    Apr 17 2013: good poem..but you are speaking to someone who acknowledges this way of being...not easily seen by those who are instructed to view the other as a threat,a thief, a mistake...NOW that my eyes have been pried open(6years it took) I see what you see and you are in fact correct...and ive thought and thought and thought what can be done...can I convince everyone to see this force of the invisible hand...I dont think I am the one....but I know this in your attempt to intergrate with your captors the wound is you have absorbed their defintion of you in part...What were you before this period...not to return...but remember the coming together, the communitiy, the ways of being in the universe,of connecting to the enviornment... This lack of the group selfknowing about the original joy,seeing,moving..this connection to hearing about your own truth and greatness from mother to child...this loss of self is a source of tear in the psychic fabric that allows your captors to inform you of yourself....dont wait for them to change...tell me..what is untold and I will celebrate and acknowledge .

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