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Recently i started noticing the disadvantages that many undocumented people have to put up with, this is their perspective.

I find myself
as just another statistic,
dreaming big dreams,
but nothing realistic.
So much to learn,
who has the time?
Alone on this one,
noone willing to make the climb.

It impresses me how imperialists
treat inmates inferior,
thinking the solution to crime
is by acting superior,
the first shall be last,
and the last shall be first.
I hope that to be true
when Im dying of thirst.
The truths are self-evident,
I think that, not,
its something that, We the people
have seemed to forgot.

Savagely searching for
stable stability,
moved to the 'mericas,
no money for mobility.
The kids are important,
let them succeed,
while we work away our lives
'til our insides bleed

  • Apr 15 2013: You are comparing someone who is here illegally to someone who is a citizen. Of course, citizenship confers benefits or why would one want it. The dream was that American citizenship would eventually be valued like Roman citizenship was. Are you waying that is bad? Why shouldn't American citizenship be as valuable as Irish, Mexican, or British citizenship?
  • Apr 13 2013: Many people are in America illegally because greedy employers want to lower wages as average weekly wages have been having a negative trend for forty years in America.If someone crashes a party they should expect to be inconvenienced.
    • Apr 14 2013: like when black people got arrested for the sit ins in the 1950's right? inconvenienced. or when native americans got lied to when their land was ambushed... more than once. inconvenienced. Or when Rosa Parks got arrested for sitting in the front of the bus. Inconvenienced. Your right, greedy employers do lower wages and it has been a trend, don't you think we should stray away from what has been hurting our country instead of repeating itself time and time again.
  • Apr 12 2013: I thought that Imperialists are those who go to another country to make locals do what they the Imperialists want them to do. Are you saying the undocumented a.k.a illegals are Imperialists? Sadly you are making sense to me. I've felt sorry for those people to a point, but any physical science person or whatever knows what we happen with more, more, and more people here. It seems those hiring them should be severely punished, and they should be sent back home. Do you want the greatest depression soon?
    • Apr 13 2013: Yes, being an imperialist means that you have the power to manipulate by having dominance. But, I used the word imperialist as a metaphor for the wardens in prisons and correction facilities. And I personally dont see a solution to the problem any time soon. The war on the border is a war in itself, whether it be because of drug smuggling, people, etc.
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    Apr 11 2013: I would say there is some empathy for undocumented people. However, one does wonder why they don't stay in their original country and try to make things better there.
    • Apr 13 2013: I think that sometimes too. Almost every single undocumented person I know likes it better there, but the only catch is that there are more jobs in the U.S...... Which isn't by much considering that there is still alot of people unemployed in the U.S
    • Apr 13 2013: Greg:
      Do you or have you,
      ever looked around for a better opportunity, other options?
      Have you ever desired something more, envisioned a future for yourself?

      So do they. Don't they have the right to do so, to seek it, go where it might be, especially since and if, they are in a place in which close to 100% of other choices don't exist.

      Do you know what it is like to watch a grandmother sitting on a bare hillside, in abject pain and anguish as she looks at a single, medium-sized potato and wonders how is she going to feed 8 mouths with it?
      Do you know what it is like to then risk your life on a small boat, traveling completely across the Pacific Ocean, looking for a chance, a choice, almost anything different at all? Even death?

      Do you know what it is like to wear two dresses and risk being robbed, raped, murdered or caught and returned across the border, because you have no choices and the pain of poverty and hunger and thirst have become too much to bear? So one dress covers the other so that at least you have one relatively clean in order to find domestic work, at virtually no pay? Which means you pretty much already come from no pay to begin with, so virtually no pay is better?