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The purpose of life?

At some point I think we all realise that life is created from the same building blocks. That your brain, your nerves, veins and blood all consist of atoms and quarks. And at some point in time, quarks binded together forming specifik particles, which again grouped up to become molecules of different sizes. These different particles fell randomly together and created masses of different types; liquids, solids, gasses etc.

But at some point, these atoms (randomly?) formed a chlorophyl molecule that could absorb other particles, and use them to grow. They could integrate particles in their "group" of particles, and let out a smaller amount than the absorbed. But is this some sort of "will" of particles? If what they wanted was to gather in bigger and bigger clumps, why would life as we know it be created? If atoms at some point created a blue print, and at the same time some atoms randomly formed a ribosome, and it turned out that the ribosome for some reason was randomly created in the way that it could read the blueprint, and gather the nucleotides neccesary to build what the plan explained - Why would these systems start working together? What was their purpose of working together?

Biologists usually tell us that the reason life is here is to reproduced, but that is the purpose of ANIMALS and all other creatures able to reproduce. What's the purpose of atoms? And why did they chose to work together in a system? What's in it for them? These systems that keep running in endless cycles, were they just created by randomness?

It's funny to think about that one of the part achievements of life was the creation of a mind being able to reflect on its own existence.

Afterall, I believe whatever this will of atoms is, that is truly divine. That's why everything exists. Maybe God is just chance? A natural, automatical balance of life that prevents some existences to fill more than others?


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    Apr 12 2013: The question should rather be what is the reason you are alive, than assuming that you exist for a purpose. If you can find an answer to the reason you, as a person are alive, you can follow that reasoning to do what you can to make the most of the reason you are alive. Of course there are people with different beliefs, but what they believe could be more to your understanding or less, but the point is that it is different.

    So id like to share that i feel whatever your purpose to live is, the reason we all live and have unique personalities with minds that we can use to think.

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