Asiima Beachtree

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Christchurch has experienced a major shift of culture toward our inherrant connectedness. Let this be the theme from which we build anew.

I live in Christchurch. Since the Earthquake on Feb 22 2011 I have witnessed the dissolving of old structures and the birth of a new culture. People naturally brought together, supporting one another, coming to know a common thread amongst us. I see that Christchurch can be built completely new. A real and vibrant city, steeped in this knowledge of our connectedness - our 'all-in-this-togetherness'. The time is now. Now, before the old, the past, the comfort zones can take hold again... if we are to surf this new wave of consciousness, of living potential (that cost many lives) the time is NOW. Let us build buildings that promote a sense of new community, new energy!

Let us use the building of a city, the coming together of a massive community, and global community via cyberspace as the tangible manifest reflection of a much finer building (and dissolving) inside us all - the evolution of a new humanity.

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    Apr 8 2011: good to hear you guys are feeling positive about the future! my friends who are from Christchurch told me that aftershocks are still happening , so it must be hard for some people there?