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Are self-reliant communities a way of the future or repeating old mistakes?

Is it viable to develop a Self-reliant community? I have been wondering if such a community is viable. I believe our ancestors once lived in such small groups, and for us to have evolved into the communities we have become now, it means there were some flows with the old system.

So my question is, is going back to self-reliant small communities kind of living a way forward, or will we be just repeating the mistakes of the past?


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    Apr 11 2013: Do you mean by self-reliant communities communities that would not exchange things or ideas with other communities?
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      Apr 12 2013: Interaction with other communities (and peoples) is essential. As i wote (above), I'm talking about acquiring some kind of large farm land that can accommodate 100 or so families, where you can divide labours, (farmers, teachers, doctors, etc), just the essentials for a community to survive; but not totally going off the grid. By self-reliant, I'm mainly talking about food needs.

      I'm thinking just a group of like-minded people (if they exist), coming together and seeing if this concept can work. The rule is that, this is by CHOSE, not imposed.
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        Apr 12 2013: I know people who participated in communities of this kind in the US in the 60s that were a little smaller than this. They were called communes.

        Of course the kibbutzim in Israel are another long-standing example.

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