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Are self-reliant communities a way of the future or repeating old mistakes?

Is it viable to develop a Self-reliant community? I have been wondering if such a community is viable. I believe our ancestors once lived in such small groups, and for us to have evolved into the communities we have become now, it means there were some flows with the old system.

So my question is, is going back to self-reliant small communities kind of living a way forward, or will we be just repeating the mistakes of the past?


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    Apr 12 2013: Thank you for the comments thus far. As I have also analysed (which most of the people who have replied seem to agree with) is that self-reliant communities work best when the group is small. Such kind of living is better when chosen than when imposed, because it would require living being stript down to the mayor basics.

    @Fritzie Reisner - Definately such a community would need to be able to interact with other communities. Yes, it might need to be isolated, but not a total isolation. My idea would not be to totally go off the grid. I think of maybe getting a piece of land that can house about 100 or so households, that will farm and grow thier crops and live stock. No rich or poor, but just a group of people living in harmony. The main ideas here are 1st of all, choice; people should choose to live such a lifestyle.

    I have heard of such ideas going wrong, especially when they are religious (cult) baised, but I've also heard of success stories, like I read of a group of young Greeks who are living this way; its not exactly my idea but its close.

    Keep commenting people, I'd love to hear more of people's thoughts on this issue.

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