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What is the biggest challenge that you feel your country if facing?

Be it political, societal,religious tell us what problems you feel your country is facing currently or is heading towards.


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  • Apr 14 2013: I believe the biggest problem faced by the United States is the Crisis of Purpose.

    We have the most intelligent and socially connected society in the History of Man - we can see our problems and broadcast them to others, but we struggle mightily to summon the collective urge to address the problem. This leads many to say our biggest problem is one of apathy or inaction. But I feel Purpose drives Action, and without a clear Purpose one struggles to Act.

    We have a culture that celebrates Money & Fame to such an extent that we no longer are familair with even ourselves. Why are we here? What am I doing? To what end?

    This leaves us as loosely knit fabric with no real cohesion. I feel we must re-make our Culture, find value and purpose in our personal and collective existence, and then begin to affect positive change in the world.

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