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What is the biggest challenge that you feel your country if facing?

Be it political, societal,religious tell us what problems you feel your country is facing currently or is heading towards.

  • Apr 14 2013: I believe the biggest problem faced by the United States is the Crisis of Purpose.

    We have the most intelligent and socially connected society in the History of Man - we can see our problems and broadcast them to others, but we struggle mightily to summon the collective urge to address the problem. This leads many to say our biggest problem is one of apathy or inaction. But I feel Purpose drives Action, and without a clear Purpose one struggles to Act.

    We have a culture that celebrates Money & Fame to such an extent that we no longer are familair with even ourselves. Why are we here? What am I doing? To what end?

    This leaves us as loosely knit fabric with no real cohesion. I feel we must re-make our Culture, find value and purpose in our personal and collective existence, and then begin to affect positive change in the world.
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    Apr 11 2013: Gargantuan unsustainable crushing western world ending debt.
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    Apr 12 2013: My country, Guatemala, is currently facing many challenges varying from corruption and weak institutions to malnutrition and drug dealing. However, the problem which in my opinion has held back Guatemala's development is the great division between the different social groups in the country. The first division developed itself from pre-hispanic times in which different Mayan tribes fought each other. These rivalries continue to exist (in a non-violent context) between the +20 different indigenous cultures that exist in the country. The second division comes from the +500 years of oppression that these indigenous groups have suffered from the European descendants. These grudges continue to exist and will continue to delay Guatemala's development until a welcoming and tolerant environment is created between these groups and the indigenous groups are willing to forget the past and start looking forward.
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    Apr 12 2013: It depends of what you call biggest.
    Is it the hardest one to overcome? is it the one that most effect our life? Is it the one in biggest scale?

    There's a lot of probloms to any country, and talking about my own, I can't talk about one without feeling I left too big of a gap in silence. So I'll just state this one problom:
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    Apr 11 2013: Not having acceptance or agreement in any aspect of life whether it be on religious, political or financial grounds. How can the bigger 'challenges' be resolved when the people these problems are problems for don't even get along in the first place ? The biggest challenge seems to be the lack of love and respect for one another.
  • Apr 11 2013: This is a great question. Thank you. I know about America as I have studied this climbing on shoulders of great minds.
    But there is always short term and long term.

    (01) on Short Run, strengthen and reform the financial system to avoid a disaster of a Wall Street meltdown that also effects many other nations. Natural disasters as well as man made disasters are at issue.

    (02) Strengthen education such as that kids are motivated to invest in themselves for careers of the future. Non-Cognitive skills such as creativity and artistic elements such as drama are just as vital as cognitive skills such as measured by SAT test that all high school students know.

    (03. Pruse the 4 Pillars of Philosophy at community level at Hometown USA__Humanity, Peace, Justice and Dignity via arts and science bridge. There are tools and skills that are available now , for example this social network, TED and there are others. But wisdom and humility are required and not political rhetorics.
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    Apr 11 2013: Countries .. societies .. cyultures ... etc do not break down from one issue only. I think it is fair to look at the USA as an example of why we are in a free fall.

    First we must look at leadership both past and present. Analyze the economic model ... the debits vs the GDP ... excessive programs that are not sustainable ... political corruption ... lack of leadership / diplomatic failure ... and the list goes on ...

    The second feature is the citizens that allow these internal failures to occur. Citizens that buy into political hype provided by the media in order to sway elections and to justify failures. The blame games ... sponsored by the media.

    The citizens who do not understand what is occuring either through lack of education or greed as to the political promises of the "free" government handouts and social programs that are never sustainable.

    The lack of understanding that less government is a more effective government.

    The move from open education to a government "monitored / influenced" education system. When intordoctrination is more important than the learning process.

    The movement of power from the states to a central government.

    The movement away from a Constitutional government.

    Seperation of the banks and the federal reserve system from Congressional oversight. The elected officials are no longer the voice of the peoiple in many areas. Elected officials are the voice of the doners not the people with the ultimate goal being election and re-election.

    This could go on forever. The summary is: In the USA we have met the enemy and he is us.

    We are the Argentina of 1916 .... those who do not learn from history are doomed to make the mistakes of the past.

    Thanks. Bob.
  • Apr 11 2013: A complete economic breakdown.
  • Apr 11 2013: A complete misunderstanding of existence :-)