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What is the biggest challenge that you feel your country if facing?

Be it political, societal,religious tell us what problems you feel your country is facing currently or is heading towards.


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  • Apr 11 2013: This is a great question. Thank you. I know about America as I have studied this climbing on shoulders of great minds.
    But there is always short term and long term.

    (01) on Short Run, strengthen and reform the financial system to avoid a disaster of a Wall Street meltdown that also effects many other nations. Natural disasters as well as man made disasters are at issue.

    (02) Strengthen education such as that kids are motivated to invest in themselves for careers of the future. Non-Cognitive skills such as creativity and artistic elements such as drama are just as vital as cognitive skills such as measured by SAT test that all high school students know.

    (03. Pruse the 4 Pillars of Philosophy at community level at Hometown USA__Humanity, Peace, Justice and Dignity via arts and science bridge. There are tools and skills that are available now , for example this social network, TED and there are others. But wisdom and humility are required and not political rhetorics.

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