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What is the biggest challenge that you feel your country if facing?

Be it political, societal,religious tell us what problems you feel your country is facing currently or is heading towards.


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    Apr 11 2013: Countries .. societies .. cyultures ... etc do not break down from one issue only. I think it is fair to look at the USA as an example of why we are in a free fall.

    First we must look at leadership both past and present. Analyze the economic model ... the debits vs the GDP ... excessive programs that are not sustainable ... political corruption ... lack of leadership / diplomatic failure ... and the list goes on ...

    The second feature is the citizens that allow these internal failures to occur. Citizens that buy into political hype provided by the media in order to sway elections and to justify failures. The blame games ... sponsored by the media.

    The citizens who do not understand what is occuring either through lack of education or greed as to the political promises of the "free" government handouts and social programs that are never sustainable.

    The lack of understanding that less government is a more effective government.

    The move from open education to a government "monitored / influenced" education system. When intordoctrination is more important than the learning process.

    The movement of power from the states to a central government.

    The movement away from a Constitutional government.

    Seperation of the banks and the federal reserve system from Congressional oversight. The elected officials are no longer the voice of the peoiple in many areas. Elected officials are the voice of the doners not the people with the ultimate goal being election and re-election.

    This could go on forever. The summary is: In the USA we have met the enemy and he is us.

    We are the Argentina of 1916 .... those who do not learn from history are doomed to make the mistakes of the past.

    Thanks. Bob.

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