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What is your rags to riches story?

Often times when I see my favourite car or house or item, I wish to ask the owners what they did to get it. Do you remember your mindset, what kind of person you were, what or who influenced you and at what point did you feel you've made it? Please share and inspire.

  • Apr 11 2013: This is sort of a twist on your question.
    Went from riches to rags & now taking my rags & selling everything I own, buying a cheap truck, putting myself & critters in said truck and just hitting the road to breath free fresh air again. I refuse to die in this closed minded town and just want to see what I can see before my last chapter is written.
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      Apr 15 2013: I like that idea Gale, fresh air, free spirit, will most probably make you much happier and you'll most likely think clearer. Do you want to get back to the riches though, or have you lived the life, seen whats its like and now just want to be content with the simple things in life?
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    Apr 17 2013: I was asked to leave home at 16,,,I got a job serving people and was immediately surrounded by men,sleazy or controlling,or molesting...so I became determined to block this from experience and I switched enviornments to hairstyling...mostly women,or gay men,,,better but still alienating for the owners of the shops were tricky elitists who wanted me to think myself useless and underpay me...No where in the enviornment could I go to confirm I was underpaid...till one day I met a man who knew this experience as common...a man who confirmed that people could be swindled out of all their wealth,,while told you are INFERIOR...he saved me and for this man to help me get my own hairsalon,and to back me against a group who had no guilt oppressing me ...I will be forever grateful...and in response I will protect his race and stand up against his/her oppression..in all ways is my payback for helping a poor white unwanted 16 year old girl...and in the end not only do I have a good life with a home...Ilearnt great truth from these people,,,your people...and am forever grateful and speak truth to power when I may,not just for myself,but for others and for women