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Do you think that animals are completely free?

I've been thinking a lot about this and, personally, I think that animals are free. They have no obligations or judgments. They only follow their instinct, different from us human beings, that follow reason. So, that's the point: Do they know that they are free? And what worth the animal's freedom if they don't know that they are free? Is the idea of freedom exclusive of the rational beings?

I really would like to know your opinions, they are very important.
Thank you!


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    Apr 16 2013: They? Does this question exclude humans as animals? Additionally, "free" may be a human concept. In nature there are many cases where one creature uses another as a host. How would "free" apply in these cases?
    If you think that "we" are rational beings listen to Dan Ariely's TEDTalk,

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      Apr 17 2013: Hello Theodore,
      Thanks for the suggestion, I really loved it!
      I've already read some articles about we're not being in control of our decision, about the "free wil" does not existing. It made me curious and then decide to ask about it here.
      Well, as you said, "free" is a human concept. So, I just think that animals are free for us, human beings. But they (irrational beings) don't know it because they just follow their instincts. Because of this, their "freedom" is really limited. They can't think about their actions, they don't "know that they die", as we, human beings.
      • Apr 17 2013: Although lots of people don't use their freedom of choice, that does not mean we do not have that freewil.

        This is an article what our life would be like if we did not have freewil. You have the freedom to read it, or not :)
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          Apr 17 2013: The is no conclusive evidence of "free will." This link certainly does not provide any. There is a limited ability at best, certainly as it applies to conscious thought.
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          Apr 17 2013: Yes, Adriaan, I agree that we are free to do what we want to. But we live in a society, we have rules and laws. My freedom ends where yours begings, so, if I do something against the law, I will have consequences. I think that free will and freedom are two different concepts. Free will is the capacity of being in control of our decisions, and freedom is capacity to apply that free will with actions.
          Thank you for the article :)
      • Apr 17 2013: Hi Theodore
        "The is no conclusive evidence of "free will.""
        Free will is a spiritual application of thought 'overseeing' our will.
        In fact this was one of the main reasons for God having His body made in Mary. This allowed Him to interact with evil spirits and correct their bad influence on humanity.

        But I'm sure none of this makes sense to you since you are not free to change your mind LOL
    • Apr 17 2013: Good talk, but I didn't draw the conclusions you did, in free or not.

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