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Do you think that animals are completely free?

I've been thinking a lot about this and, personally, I think that animals are free. They have no obligations or judgments. They only follow their instinct, different from us human beings, that follow reason. So, that's the point: Do they know that they are free? And what worth the animal's freedom if they don't know that they are free? Is the idea of freedom exclusive of the rational beings?

I really would like to know your opinions, they are very important.
Thank you!


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    Apr 15 2013: An animal was created for the purpose of serving man in any way it could. I do not believe that animals have a conscious understanding of freedom because animal instinct goes against the reasonable philosophical concept that you exist and know you can die. Animals are not aware of death, or more or less worried about their life, other than staying alive by eating. We human beings have the mental capacity to understand our existence and accept the fact that we are mortal. We can develop complex thinking processes that the animal mind cannot comprehend, such as philosophy, intimacy, existence and other complex thoughts and theories.

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