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Abortion: Wrong or right?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. If abortion was illegal, the maternal death toll due to unsafe abortions would rise dramatically, and overpopulation would become an even more prominent issue. A woman should be able to have a say in a situation involving her body, and those who oppose abortion shouldn't care about a personal decision that doesn't affect them. I can understand that some people look at it as a form of murder. But i can't understand why people continue to pick and choose what is "justifiable" murder, and what is bad murder. Murder is murder. We can send people to war, we can legalize the death penalty, but abortion is STILL wrong? I think that people with different religious and cultural backgrounds have different unique perspectives, so I would love to here opinions. It doesn't matter whether the comments are anti-abortion or not.


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    Apr 16 2013: Are "right, and "wrong" our only choices?
    Judgements such as right and wrong are subjective. From whose perceptive are we to form such a judgement?
    • Apr 16 2013: This is an excellent question. We are trying to put a black and white answer to an inherently "grey" area question. We can't do this without putting our own values and thoughts into the process. It is a struggle to come up with a clear answer in that regard.
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        Apr 16 2013: While I support a woman right to choice I have also always believe that it is in the interest of all concern to ultimately limit unwanted pregnancies. To this end I have advocated that men take a more proactive approach regarding birth control. Men need to act responsibly and not assume that overpopulation is a women's issue.
    • Apr 16 2013: I am sorry that I made right and wrong the only options. I wasn't necessarily thinking that my title would spark controversy, but I should have thought about it more carefully. I believe that there really is middle ground. There are aspects from many perspectives that are all understandable, so saying something is right or wrong isn't the way to go about things. I apologize for not bringing clarity to my title.
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        Apr 16 2013: Jessica,

        You were not off base with your question, because "right" or "wrong" is often the only way people know how to "judge" this issue. If the majority of people could experience, or even begin to understand the confusion women/girls face with this issue, more people may be able to see the middle ground and have compassion.

        As long as people are "stuck" in their beliefs of "right", or "wrong", it will continue to be controversial.
        • Apr 25 2013: The issue is that people were raised to believe something was/is "wrong" or "right", and so they have difficulty looking beyond their outlook. I believe that people are afraid to admit that the sides of this controversy have a lot in-common, because negotiation = surrender in some peoples eyes.
      • Apr 26 2013: Further down this thread I posted several "laws" that show that abortion is indisputably "right". The laws show that we all have a choice, we may --only-- choose to save a born person or a fetus. There is no other possibility if one calls themselves pro life or if they have a moral or legal obligation to save life.
        For example there are 1.8 born babies, children or adults dying each second. There are more people dying than can be saved. For that reason those who wish to save life must choose whom to save. If they choose to spend one second saving fetuses, then in that second 1.8 born babies will die. So the choice is between saving a born baby, child or adult or a fetus. Either the born or the unborn will die.

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