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Abortion: Wrong or right?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. If abortion was illegal, the maternal death toll due to unsafe abortions would rise dramatically, and overpopulation would become an even more prominent issue. A woman should be able to have a say in a situation involving her body, and those who oppose abortion shouldn't care about a personal decision that doesn't affect them. I can understand that some people look at it as a form of murder. But i can't understand why people continue to pick and choose what is "justifiable" murder, and what is bad murder. Murder is murder. We can send people to war, we can legalize the death penalty, but abortion is STILL wrong? I think that people with different religious and cultural backgrounds have different unique perspectives, so I would love to here opinions. It doesn't matter whether the comments are anti-abortion or not.


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  • Apr 14 2013: The response of humans to abortion is mediated by 6 scientific laws that make it clear that abortion is not murder and that it may in fact lead to more life and not less life. Abortion is neither moral nor immoral according to the laws. If anything the laws indicate that abortion should lead one to consider triage to determine when abortion should be used.

    1) The Law of New Life: All new life starts with old DNA.

    Old DNA and new DNA can be altered by natural processes and outside forces. All new DNA is created by old DNA. The Theory of New Life states: The process of conception is controlled by the old DNA that creates the new DNA. The new life is mitigated by the old DNA. The information needed to build new DNA is contained in the old DNA. The new Life can only contain the possibilities that are provided with the old DNA’s data as modified by natural processes and outside forces.

    2) The Law of Life: It is impossible at conception to tell if a human life will survive through birth.

    The Theory of Life states: It is impossible to know if a fetus will live until the DNA of life has run its entire code. For example if a programmer writes a code and runs the code, he cannot know if there is an error in the code until it has run in its entirety. Therefore one cannot know if a zygote will in fact be a baby until it is born. If one treats a zygote as a baby and gives it the rights of a human, the best they can possibly hope for is that they will be right somewhere between 30 percent and 99.5 percent of the time that it will be born.
    The Law of Conception: Most conceptions end in abortion.

    The Theory of Conception states: Abortion is a natural and expected consequence of sex. It therefore cannot be true that there is “life at conception”. In fact it is usually death at conception. Any attempt to enforce “life at conception” will therefore waste resources that could be used to save life.
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    See http://www.scientificabortionlaws.com

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