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Abortion: Wrong or right?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. If abortion was illegal, the maternal death toll due to unsafe abortions would rise dramatically, and overpopulation would become an even more prominent issue. A woman should be able to have a say in a situation involving her body, and those who oppose abortion shouldn't care about a personal decision that doesn't affect them. I can understand that some people look at it as a form of murder. But i can't understand why people continue to pick and choose what is "justifiable" murder, and what is bad murder. Murder is murder. We can send people to war, we can legalize the death penalty, but abortion is STILL wrong? I think that people with different religious and cultural backgrounds have different unique perspectives, so I would love to here opinions. It doesn't matter whether the comments are anti-abortion or not.


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    Apr 14 2013: Wrong! and so are the conditions that led up to it.

    People don't abort their children because they think it is right. They abort their children because they don't want to deal with the consequences.

    Yet people are human. Animal passions lead people to do things against their better judgment. People know what causes pregnancy. Yet they take the risk because sex is a powerful human emotion. And we can't forget the number of women who are used, abused, and raped by conceited men.

    Should we pass laws to make abortion illegal? With over ten thousand people dying everyday from starvation and want of simple medicine, how can the quality of life on this planet be improved by adding to that number a host of unwanted babies. They say that the worst emotion is the absence of love. Many babies have suffered mental disturbances because they weren't loved.

    I know a person who chose to have her child. Her boyfriend was a drug user. He left her when she became pregnant. The child turned out to be legally blind, legally deaf, and suffers from mental handicaps. The mother still loves the child. Yet the child will need medical attention until the day of death.

    Although I don't agree with abortion, I will challenge any law against it. Until we learn to make right choices in childbearing, the abortion issue is going to be a hot debate. We all have to answer for our actions. We have the right to give our opinion, but I don't believe we have the right to force our beliefs on others. Rather, let us try to create a loving environment that will influence others in choosing to bring their child into the world. Less people would choose abortion if they knew that love rather than judgment was awaiting them.

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