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Abortion: Wrong or right?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. If abortion was illegal, the maternal death toll due to unsafe abortions would rise dramatically, and overpopulation would become an even more prominent issue. A woman should be able to have a say in a situation involving her body, and those who oppose abortion shouldn't care about a personal decision that doesn't affect them. I can understand that some people look at it as a form of murder. But i can't understand why people continue to pick and choose what is "justifiable" murder, and what is bad murder. Murder is murder. We can send people to war, we can legalize the death penalty, but abortion is STILL wrong? I think that people with different religious and cultural backgrounds have different unique perspectives, so I would love to here opinions. It doesn't matter whether the comments are anti-abortion or not.


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  • Apr 13 2013: I am a firm believer in choice it is the woman’s choice to have an abortion. If she were carring my child I would beg her to give “birth” to “it” and let me raise “it”. But until she gives “birth” to “it” it is connected to her and is a part of her like all the other cells that are apart of her. Because in modern medicine any cell in the body can become a fetus by injecting the DNA of the cell into a egg. And contrary to Random Chance's comment its not slavery. The cells in a persons body are there's and there's alone; including the cell's that can become a sentient being after they are ejected from the body during “BIRTH” in the hopes thoes cells will cooperate with each other enough to become there own sentient being
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      Apr 15 2013: Where does the intent to create life enter into this?
      • Apr 16 2013: sorry Theodore not sure im following you? can you elaborate on your sentence?
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          Apr 16 2013: Clinically, in cases of artificial insemination, there is the intent to create life, a child. I'm not certain that this is true in many instances of copulation.
          To say, "If she were caring my child..." indicates a certain willingness to relinquish responsibility for a pregnancy to ones partner.

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