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Abortion: Wrong or right?

Abortion is an extremely controversial topic, and I believe that women should be able to choose what happens to their own bodies. If abortion was illegal, the maternal death toll due to unsafe abortions would rise dramatically, and overpopulation would become an even more prominent issue. A woman should be able to have a say in a situation involving her body, and those who oppose abortion shouldn't care about a personal decision that doesn't affect them. I can understand that some people look at it as a form of murder. But i can't understand why people continue to pick and choose what is "justifiable" murder, and what is bad murder. Murder is murder. We can send people to war, we can legalize the death penalty, but abortion is STILL wrong? I think that people with different religious and cultural backgrounds have different unique perspectives, so I would love to here opinions. It doesn't matter whether the comments are anti-abortion or not.


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    Apr 11 2013: Surgery: right or wrong? Gunpowder: right or wrong? Nuclear power: right or wrong? We humans have the capacity to pervert anything and take it to dreadful excess. On very, very, rare occasions the medical termination of a human life without the consent of the unborn victim is the best course of action. Any other time such an act is evil. Is abortion right?. . . under very specific medical circumstances, yes. Is unrestricted abortion-at-will wrong ?. . . yes.
    • Apr 11 2013: Yes, we do have the capacity to pervert anything, and I believe that if a woman has no significant reason as to why she wants an abortion, that it is wrong. For meaningful reasons, I think that our right to choose should be stressed. Like you said, if there is a medical condition present that could result in the death of the mother and the kid(s), I would hope that abortion was an option, and for the meantime, it is. I truly appreciate the way you found middle ground where abortion could be considered right if the mother has a life threatening issue, and wrong if it is a selfish reason. Thank you for responding.

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