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Why are you a "good" person?

Are you a good person for the sake of good?

Or are you good because you think it gives you benefits?

Are you afraid of being bad? Cant you imagine that? Are you not bad because you think it will lead to bad things for you?

If you were punished for being good would you still be good?


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  • Apr 12 2013: Hello . . .

    This question is surely challenging.
    Years ago when I saw a girl - who was in the same class with me - treated badly and mocked by my boy classmates, I always asked myself, "Why did they like to do bad things?" And then, I silently thought, "Why didn't she take revenge?" But, for a moment, I considered it again and again. "Is it right to avenge?" I pondered.

    Well, since I was a kid, my parents always taught me to be good to others if I wanted to be treated good as well (what goes around comes around). I have been sticking that teaching in my mind since.

    When I was in junior high school, there once a time I treated my senior badly. All of a sudden, a little sound - deep in my mind and heart - warned me, "Put yourself in her shoes!" That sound was a lightning to me, striking to the deepest part of me. From that day on, I learned. I learned to think twice before I acted. And I learned to be a good person since.

    Moreover, if I treat someone badly, the feeling of guilt will haunt me. I don't want to live a haunted life like that. He . . he . . he . .

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