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Why are you a "good" person?

Are you a good person for the sake of good?

Or are you good because you think it gives you benefits?

Are you afraid of being bad? Cant you imagine that? Are you not bad because you think it will lead to bad things for you?

If you were punished for being good would you still be good?


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    Apr 11 2013: The more 'good' I do, the more I am able to enjoy and fulfill my life. Knowing that a simple action of mine has made someone - even a complete stranger, else feel loved, appreciated and cared about is more of a reward than any sum of money.
    A chain reaction of doing good can easily be triggered and your "good person" ways can lead to someone else being a good person.
    I believe this also works in reverse and doing "bad" things will result in those who are effected doing bad things which can come back to indirectly have a negative impact. Everything can eventually affect anything involving anyone t ay point for any reason. So think before you act and chose to do something good which may come back around and lead to something good happening to you, and if not then so what, you successfully made someones day, surely that is enough! :)

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